Festival of Football ⚽ catch all the action on our 32ft screen!

Live Sports
Join us in Live Bar for our Festival of Football where we will be showing every single World Cup game on our giant screen.

Collect your stamper card from reception and collect a stamp each time you visit to be in with a chance to win some fantastic prizes.

You could win anything from a free pint of Coors to a £20 neighbour bet. (What is a neighbour bet?)

Don’t forget, we are also handing out scratch cards from Live Bar during world cup matches, you could win up to £100 neighbour bet. (What is a neighbour bet?)
Don’t miss a second of the action with Live Bar’s 32ft wide screen

Key matches to not miss this weekend and next week!

Portugal vs Spain – Friday 15th June at 7:00pm
France vs Australia – Saturday 16th June at 11:00am
Argentina vs Iceland – Saturday 16th June at 2:00pm
Germany vs Mexico – Sunday 17th June at 4:00pm
Brazil vs Switzerland – Sunday 17th June at 7:00pm
Tunisia vs England – Monday 18th June at 7:00pm
Russia vs Egypt – Tuesday 19th June at 7:00pm
Portugal vs Morocco – Wednesday 20th June at 1:00pm
Iran vs Spain – Wednesday 20th June at 7:00pm
Argentina vs Croatia – Thursday 21st June at 7:00pm
Brazil vs Costa Rica – Friday 22nd June at 1:00pm
Germany vs Sweden – Saturday 23rd June at 7:00pm
England vs Panama – Sunday 24th June at 1:00pm

Live Bar
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